Intralipids Therapy Treatment To Help In IVF

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How do the intralipids work?

How do the intralipids work 2

Intralipids have been shown to lower the activity of the NK cells component of our immune system. Studies have found that intralipids can help to regulate the NK cells, allowing the embryo to implant on the uterine wall and grow normally.


Intralipids In IVF ?

Intralipids In IVF

Intralipids have a suppressive action on certain components of the mother's immune system, essentially safeguarding the embryo from the immune reactions which might otherwise result in implantation failure.


Natural Killer Cell Testing

Natural Killer Cell Testing

There is evidence to suggest that Natural Killer Cells in the blood of some women could be contributing to miscarriage. We have developed an accurate method of testing the number and the activity of blood and uterine NK cells.