Kurzer M, Tice D, Meguid MM, Reinitz ER (1989) J Clin Lab Immunol - 29:33-5

The effect of Intralipid on the natural killer (NK) cell activity of healthy male Fisher 344 adult rats was investigated. They were cannulated via the right jugular vein and continuously infused for five days with: normal saline plus heparin, 5% Intralipid plus heparin, or 10% Intralipid plus heparin. Control groups comprised of cannulated rats receiving no infusion and rats undergoing no operative procedures.

Following the five-day infusion, rats were exsanguinated under ether anesthesia and mononuclear cells (MNC) harvested from the peripheral blood. NK activity was measured in a standard four hour 51Cr release assay against YAC-1 target cells. NK cell activity in rats infused with 5% Intralipid did not differ significantly from rats in both control groups or rats infused with saline. Infusion of rats with 10% Intralipid resulted in a significant increase in NK activity compared with all other groups.